OBD2 Automotive Battery replacement Tool Car Computer Memory Saver R9CC



OBD2 Automotive Battery replacement Tool Car Computer Memory Saver R9CC DescriptionFeatures:

1. A power management system with a core processor;

2, can display the battery voltage (to prevent the use of batteries that are deficient in electricity, can not reach the purpose of continuous battery replacement);

3, can display the current (can be used for leakage detection, can also understand the quiescent current of the car in the non-start state);

4, battery clip anti-reverse protection (the digital tube does not light after the reverse connection, no power);

5, over-current protection (with 5 amp insurance); Voltage and current are automatically cycLED.

Four major functions:

1, continuously change the car battery; 2, car leakage detection; 3, display voltage; 4, display current;

Three major protections:

1. Battery loss protection; 2. Battery clip anti-reverse protection; 3. Overcurrent protection;

Three major instructions:

1. Connect the positive and negative poles of the battery clip correctly. The digital tube will light up and display the value. If it is reversed, the digital tube will not light up.

2. If the OBD interface is properly connected, the red LED will light up, if the connection is unsuccessful, the red LED will not light up;

3. Voltage and current switching instructions. The Bluetooth LED is on, indicating that the current digital tube is displaying current data, and the blue LED is not lit, indicating that the current digital tube displays voltage data.

Battery change process description

One: The battery clip is reliably clamped on the positive and negative poles of the spare battery (the red clip is connected to the positive poles and the black is connected to the negative poles). If the connection is correct, the digital tube will display the number (Bluetooth LED is on – display current, blue LED is off – display voltage).

Color: Transparent

Material: Plastic+Metal

Total Length: Approx. 1.5M/59inch.Line Length:1.2M/47.2inch

Type:digital display version

Package includes:

1x OBD Battery Replacing Tool

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