New TDS Tester 3 in 1 Test Pen TDS Temperature Conductivity Test Pen



New TDS Tester 3 in 1 Test Pen TDS Temperature Conductivity Test Pen DescriptionFeatures:
Pocket Light weight- The smallest lightweight portable TGS 70 grams.Wide measuring range – Range 0 to 9990PPM.Long Battery Life -Use large capacity batteries for 5 years.Reasonable design- The electrode on the tip of the pen can be inserted directly into the mouth of a bottle for measurement.The cap can also be used as a fluid container for measurement. It is extremely convenient to use.Measuring speed-Because the sensing element is extremely naked, a measurement can be made in 5 seconds.Easy to clean- The electrode protector can be unplugged to clean the probe and sheath.Automatic Temprature Compensation – Automatically converts the indication to the 25 degree indication. Automatic shutdown.Healthy Living- take care of the familys health, good water makes them healthier
Digital TDS Specification:
0-50: High purity50-100: High purity100-300: General purity300-600: The scale will be formed600-1000: Poor quality of water> 1000: not suitable for drinkingColor: White
Instructions:1. Open the pen cover and turn on the ON switch.2. Place the pen in the solution to be tested. The height of the solution should not exceed 4 cm (from the tip of the pen).3. Gently move the pen into the test solution and wait for the TDS pen to stabilize.4. When the test is complete, wipe the pen with a cloth and put on the cap.
Precautions:1. Avoid boiling the pen in the water.2. Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight3. Avoid shocks and falls.
Package Included:
1 x 3-in-1 TDS test pen
Details Pictures:

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