Moldex 0103 Fit Test Kit To Perform Qualitative Fit Tests



SummaryFit test kit to perform qualitative fit testsAllows employers to manage their own fit testing requirementsContains everything needed for multiple fit testsFree instruction CDPackaged in a sturdy carry caseMoldex 0103 Fit Test Kit To Perform Qualitative Fit Tests DescriptionThis Bitrex face fit testing kit offers qualitative, compliant fit testing for disposable (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3) and reusable dust and mist respirators (half masks with particle or combination filters).
Bitrex creates an unmistakable bitter taste that indicates breakthrough in the respirator fit. Bitrex has been found safer than saccharin tests while producing identical results. Disposable glass ampoules make pouring solution into nebulizers easier and reduces the chance of contamination.
This face fit test kit includes:
1 x  Fit test hood.
2 x Nebulisers
6 x Bitrex sensitivity solution ampoules
6 x Bitrex test solution ampoules
1 x Fit test instructional CD
There are two main reasons for doing face fit testing; firstly to make sure that the respirator itself is suited for your particular face shape and secondly to make sure that you are fitting the respirator correctly to get a tight seal and ensure your safety against hazards in the workplace.
It is important to remember that you are not being tested here. It is the suitability of the respirator for use in ensuring your safety and health that is under test.
Before the test it is important that you have not eaten or drunk anything or smoked for 15 minutes before testing. This can desensitise you to the taste of the Bitrex test agent.
Bitrex is a non-toxic neutral substance which is used in this type of testing for its strong bitter taste that is easily detectable. Drinking water after the test will quickly remove the taste.
The face fit testing starts with a screening procedure wearing the testing hood but without a mask to ensure that you can detect the bitrex test agent. Then the test itself is performed where the testing hood is worn over a fitted mask and you will be asked to make several different actions with your head. These are designed to simulate the movements of the head during work which can cause inward leakage if there is not a good seal. Its important to breathe through the mouth at all times during the testing so that it is possible to detect the taste of the test agent if it is present inside the mask

Colour: Yellow

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