Aokoda AOK-041 1S Lithium Battery Voltage Detector Tester Checker Black



Aokoda AOK-041 1S Lithium Battery Voltage Detector Tester Checker Black DescriptionFeatures:

– Support four standard micro UAV battery interface, plug and play

– Supporting ports JST(2.54mm), MOLEX(2.0mm), mCPX(2.0mm), MCX(1.25mm)

– Support lithium battery LiFe(3.3/3.65V),LiPo (3.7/4.20V),Li-Hv(3.8/4.35V)

– Four battery interfaces support battery polarity reverse connection protection,

– Four battery interfaces are supported LiFe,LiPo,LiHv

– 0.36 inches red digital tube display, display battery voltage, battery voltage detection accuracy is accurate to 10mV



Brand: Aokoda

Model: AOK-041


1.Support battery section: 1Cell

2.Voltage detector power: 0.05 W

3.Support battery type: LiFe 3.3V/LiPo 3.7V / Li-Hv 3.8V

4.Battery voltage input range: 2.50~4.35V @1Cell LiFe, LiPo, Li-Hv

5.Detection accuracy of voltage: 3.65V0.01V, 4.20V0.01V, 4.35V0.01V

6.Voltage display: 0.36 inches red digital tube display, static display, unit V

7.Battery interface: JST(2.54mm), MOLEX(2.0mm), mCPX(2.0mm), MCX(1.25mm)

8.Product dimensions: 41x22x15mm

9.Product weight: 10g

10. Color: black

Package included:

1 x Lithium Voltage Detector

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